Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Picture Wall

Browsing through Pinterest a while back, I came across this Pin.  And I LOVED it!!  It dresses up the wall so much and is such an awesome way to display pictures.  We love having pictures of family, but eventually, we ran out of space to put them.  There are only so many tables, and shelves to put frames on.  So I loved that this idea consolidated all of the memories into one location.  Here's a picture of the idea on pinterest:
Pinned Image

I chose to make mine a little more "eclectic" and not  have matching frames for now.  But the lovely thing about this, is that at any time, I could go get or create some matching frames for the existing pictures and layout, and it would totally change the look!  Very versatile.  Our wall is not quite done  yet as I ran out of frames.  But I also plan to put up a similar vinyl decal in the center with some sort of quote about family and friends and memories.

But here is the beginnings of our picture wall.

I didn't really lay anything out before I started.  I just started putting holes in the wall.  I would hold up a frame and move it around a little before I set the nail, but I did not have a grand scheme design before I started.  I went with random :)  I didn't want it to look too planned. Let me know what you think!  And quote suggestions are always welcome :)

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  1. LOVE this, Melissa! What a great idea! Just got back from spending a day with Sarah in Ft. Wayne, looking over their new digs. The previous owner did something very similar.