Wednesday, January 23, 2013

30.5 Weeks and a Nursery Update

Well, we finally got our carpet replaced upstairs!  Hallelujah!!! This is one major project that I have been dying to get done especially before baby boy makes his arrival.  The carpet we had before was nasty.  I think it was supposed to be a cream color??  It's hard to know for sure because it was in pretty bad shape when we bought the  house.  So since I had Monday off of work, we scheduled it for that day.  It was quite the process, moving everything off of the floor and off of the dressers, and basically leaving empty heavy furniture upstairs for the carpet guys to move.  At the moment, our downstairs looks like a huge mess, but eventually it will all be put back together.

Here is a before picture with the old carpet:

Ok, so technically this is from downstairs before we got our laminate put in...but you get the picture.  The carpet upstairs was about 10 times worse, with stains and dirt and just yuck.  

Here are some after pictures:

The new carpet is more of a darker tan speckled look.  It should hide dirt well, which is a plus now that we'll have a child and 2 puppies running around :)  And it is oh so soft!  I don't feel the need to put slippers on to walk around on the carpet anymore!

And now on to the nursery update.  Since we have the carpet in place, we can finally put furniture in that room.  We waited until now so that it wouldn't be extra furniture to move around when we got the carpet put in.  So last night we started with the glider.  

Got all the pieces laid out

Our baby girl watchin' her dad

Preggo me with my cliche bowl of ice cream...

He's not so sure about all this new stuff

Almost done...

The finished product!

It's pretty comfy, and I love the fact that it reclines and still glides.  I can definitely see myself spending some nights in this chair!  Unfortunately the ottoman came with some bent brackets so we will have to go exchange that piece.  But, I'm happy with what we have so far!!

And here is the 30.5 week belly picture...

Tonight, we will be setting up the crib!! SO excited about that!!  I will be sure to take more pictures and post another update on that one.

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