Friday, March 8, 2013

Nursery Update and DIY Projects

We pretty much have the nursery complete at this point.  There are a few last minute touches that we still have to add, but they are all decoration related.  If our little guy were to come now, the room would definitely be liveable!  But, I will hold off on the true nursery reveal until all the final touches are done.

All of the bead board, chair rail, and baseboards are done, all of the shelves are hung, and all of the furniture is in place.  So I wanted to share some pictures of a few of the details of the room.

The plate was signed by guests at one of my showers

A portion of our cloth diaper stash
I also worked on a couple of DIY projects over the weekend.  Our nursery theme is airplanes and maps.  And while we had a lot of airplane themed elements, we were a little lacking on the maps.  So, what I decided to do was take my old lamp that was mine when I was a baby and re-use it.

The lamp used to be a mauve-y pink color with a plain white shade.  So I spray painted the base white, and then put a coat of Mod Podge Spray  clear coat on it to give it a shiny finish.  Then I took the shade and cut up some regular old maps (the kind you get from AAA).  I used Mod Podge for Paper and a foam brush.  And basically ended up with a patchwork feel.  Then I used  Mod Podge Matte-Antique to brush over the top to give it a little bit more of an antique feel rather than the bright white.

I also did something similar with some wooden letters.  The only difference with the letters was that I used whole pieces of map to cover the letter instead of cutting up smaller pieces.  But you could really do either way.  I purchased some white wood 9" letters from Hobby Lobby.  I Mod Podged the map to the letter, let it dry, and then used an exacto knife to trim off the excess paper.  Then, again I coated the top with the antique finish.  Since we are not revealing the little guy's name yet, I took some ambiguous letter pictures :)  

Once he is born, these will be hung!  We hope to get the remainder of the decorations done this weekend, and then I can do a full nursery reveal!!

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