Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2 Months Old

Time sure does fly!  Our precious little bean turned 2 months old on May 28.  Unfortunately this also means that he got his 2 month shots this day.  At his appointment he weighed 13 pounds 4 oz.  He was about 23 inches long and had a 16 cm head circumference.  We are so thankful to the nurse who gave him his shots because she was a real pro.  She had all of the syringes and bandaids ready to go.  Our boy took it like a champ and was nursing within 90 seconds of getting the shots.  Barely any time to cry!

So far he is right on track developmentally.  He is holding his head up on his own, but it's still kind of wobbly.  His eyes are still bright blue (yay!) and he is losing almost all of his newborn hair.  Although new hair is starting to grow in a lighter shade.

On June 20th, our sweet boy laughed for the first time!  It was music to my ears.  Unfortunately we were watching Daddy play ultimate so he didn't get to hear it.  But wouldn't you know, in true BOY form, what made him laugh.......? He pooped.  He pooped and then he laughed.  Little boy humor starting already.

He does really well with sleeping at night normally.  I believe he had a growth spurt right around the 2 month mark, and that was causing him to wake up more often at night (every 2 hours or so).  But that passed after a week and he was back to sleep from 8:30-4 and 4:30-6ish.  We have a good bedtime routine going of taking a bath, putting on pjs and then getting a bottle from Daddy.  I think this helps him realize that its not just another nap, that he's going down for the long stretch.

Napping is a bit more of a challenge.  There are days when I don't get more than a 30 min nap out of him at a time.  This makes for a super cranky baby by bedtime.  But I suppose it's just another phase that will pass.

He is growing and changing so much so quickly!  And we are absolutely loving being parents.

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