Monday, August 5, 2013

3 Months Old!

Our little man turned 3 months old on June 28th.  There are so many developmental changes that he is going through and it is so fun to watch!  He is our little chunk man and his rolls just keep getting bigger and cuter!  His hair is definitely coming in more now, and those big baby blues are still blue! 

This month the eye contact and facial recognition has become much more noticeable.  He definitely knows his mommy and daddy and has infinite smiles for everyone!  He is such a smiley baby and knows when people are talking to him. 

He has found his hands and loves to chew on his fingers.  He can see his toys and grabs at them.  He attempts to stuff everything in his mouth, although the hand eye coordination is still a little lacking. 

The sleeping stuff is also a little lacking.  But, we'll get there. 

This month we took our first airplane trip with the bean.  We went out to Indiana to visit the hubby's fam.  This was the first time meeting his 3 cousins, Aunt Sarah, and Uncle Nathan, as well as a whole bunch of other family.  He also got to meet some of his pen pal buddies (kiddos of some of our close friends).

We also hit a milestone of rolling over!  The bean rolled from his tummy to his back while we were out there.  Just once, and then he was done.  Guess he just wanted to get us off his case!  He performed this little trick twice more when we got home, and has not shown any interest since.  

Meeting his cousins Tucker and Tessa, and Aunt Sarah!

Hanging with his buddy Grant

Cousin Trey

Cuddles with Grandma

Strong boy with Papa

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