Friday, October 11, 2013

4 Months Old

Holy smokes it has been a long time since I posted!  My camera sort of took a turn for the worse when the battery charger stopped working.  It took me a while to finally getting around to sending the darn thing in to Nikon.  Without a functioning battery, I couldn't even get the pictures off of my camera!  Hence, because of my battery charger fail, and my procrastination getting the best of me until posts.

But, we are back in business now!  And on to the 4 month old post!

At 4 months old Luke rolled from his tummy to his back twice in a row.  I don't think it was entirely intentional still...but counts!  Once he rolled, everyone in the room started to clap and cheer, which scared the little guy and caused some tears.  Hmm..maybe that's why he hasn't done it again....

We believe teeth are in our near future because everything that is within reach, is promptly in the mouth.  And his little fingers are his favorite chew toy at the moment.  He is learning his hand/eye/mouth coordination and realizing that his hands are in fact attached to his body.  It is a lot of fun now that he interacts with us and his toys. 

It is getting easier to get belly laughs, but this causes us to have to be creative.  This little man does not like to laugh at the same thing twice!  Apparently he needs new material to keep him entertained. 

We got the go ahead from the Dr to start some rice cereal and other solids, and what fun that was!  The first few times were a complete mess!  But after getting the hang of it, he has become a champion eater! 

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