Thursday, November 10, 2011

Girls Night Craft Night

Now that my running multiple times week for training is over, I miss having my girl time.  So Linda and I decided that since we were mildly completely obsessed with Pinterest, we should start a craft night inspired by DIY projects we found on Pinterest.  So I talked to my other friend Jamie, and we all decided to institute a girls night craft night.  This week was our first.  We decided to make these toilet paper roll snowflakes.  It was a fun night of dinner, friends, glue guns, spray paint, and glitter!

First we flattened the TP rolls and cut them into strips

Then we (mostly Jamie) hot glued the pieces together kind of in a flower shape

Once they were dry, Linda and I took them outside and spray painted them.  We used red, silver, baby blue, and white.

After the spray paint had mostly dried, we sprayed them with some adhesive glue, dropped them in a plastic ziplock with some glitter, and shook it up.

We used all different colors.  Gold glitter on red painted snowflakes, blue glitter on silver painted snowflakes...whatever combination we wanted :)  We each got to take home 8, and they were all wonderfully different.  The finished product is so pretty you would never know they came from toilet paper and paper towel rolls!  I can't wait till it's time to decorate for Christmas so that I can hang them!


  1. Yay! I love them! I keep changing my mind about where to put them though...

  2. I'm trying to hold out until after Thanksgiving to put them up...not sure if I'm going to make it! You could also make them into a garland type of thing if you wanted.

  3. Wow, Melissa! These are stunning! I may just have to make some myself.

    Know you must be missing John. Happy Anniversary of your engagement.

    Much love,