Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Upcycle Crafts

I'm trying to catch up here, so yes, you get two posts in one day.  Another small project I worked on this weekend was upcycling some old wine bottles.  I have saved a few over the past few months and finally decided to get on it and actually use them.

Since I had already washed them out right after we finished the wine, that part was done.  I took the bottles upstairs and wrote on them with my hot glue gun.  I didn't remove any labels and I think they turned out fine.  I made sure that my words were within the label, so after it was spray painted, it somewhat looked like a little frame around the words.  Make sense?

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the bottle with just the glue and no paint.  But here is one of the bottles after one coat of white spray paint.

And here they are after they have been coated 3-4 times (sorry for the less than stellar pictures).

My plan for these beauties is to make a few more coffee filter flowers died with food coloring and use them as decoration on the dresser in our master bedroom.  I even like them so much, I might try to make a few more to go above the cabinets in the kitchen.  Maybe I'll even try something other than white :-)

Stay tuned for some other fun crafts I have in progress!

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