Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baby Moon Part 2 - Boston

This past weekend the hubby and I returned from our wonderful 10 day trip out to Boston and New York.  I had never really been to the east coast, so this was my first time getting to see all of the sites.  I'm going to try to keep this post short and not give you all of the details of every activity of every day...I'll try to just let the pictures do the talking. And, since I took quite a few a whole freakin' bunch of pictures...I'll post the links here instead of the actual pictures.  So, here is the summary of our trip to Boston.  In order to not make this a marathon post, I will write another one to cover NY.  Enjoy!

Day 1 in Boston: This was our day to travel to and through Cape Cod.  Jody was kind enough to drive us all over the place during our stay in Boston.  During the Cape Cod day we had lunch at a fun little diner along the way, saw some really cool beaches and dunes (very different looking dunes if you are used to the California/Pismo dunes), and climbed (thanks babe) the Pilgrim Tower in Provincetown.  The views were great though from that high up.  Here is the link for Day 1

Day 2 in Boston: Day two was our day to drive basically all over the state of Massachusetts (thanks again Jody!) to see some of the pretty fall colors that were beginning to change.  Unfortunately, the New England area had a pretty dry summer apparently, so the tree colors were not as bright as they have been in years past, but we still managed to see some really good ones.  We stopped in a few little quaint towns, and found a cool state park area that had a stream and a little wooden bridge (photo op :) ).  I just absolutely fell in love with the architecture style of the New England area!!  Here is the link for Day 2

Day 3 in Boston: Day 3 was our Downtown Boston day.  This day was a lot of walking!  It was a great change though, I needed the exercise.  First we stopped at the Sam Adams Brewery and the hubby got to do some beer tasting.  Jody and I had rootbeer since she's not a beer fan and I am obviously not drinking for the next several months!  Then we headed in to downtown where we saw a little bit of everything.  We saw the Boston Commons, Cheers, the Boston Harbor (or Habah as they say in New England), the Church of Paul Revere, just to name a few.  That night we had dinner at a nice restaurant and Jody treated us to The Blue Man Group!  The show was amazing and so fun :)  Here is the link for Day 3

Day 4 in Boston: Day 4 was our catch up on sleep day, laundry day, and chill out day.  We did a few things touristy, we went to Plymouth and looked around for a bit...saw the Mayflower replica, and Plymouth rock.  But other than that we ran a few errands with Jody, and just hung around the house since our train into the city to head to NY was an early one.  Here is the link for Day 4

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