Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Cookies

This post is long over due, but I wanted to do a quick one just to show the fun sugar cookies I made for a Christmas Party the hubby and I attended a few weeks ago (see...I told you it was long overdue!).  I always like to make pretty or cute foods when we attend parties.  This is when I usually turn to Pinterest.  So this time around I found these fun "melted snowman" sugar cookies that looked easy enough.

But, when I looked at the recipe, I didn't have cream of tartar or most of the ingredients for the toppings.  So I went searching for some other recipes that I could use that would give me a similar outcome.  I ended up using this recipe for the cookies  and this recipe for the icing.

For my first attempt, I thought they came out pretty good.  I probably could have made them smaller, and used the packaged gel icing for the decorations, but ....oh well!  Live and learn!

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