Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Recap

Now that the holidays are nearly over (so sad about that!), I thought I should do a little catch up and post some highlights of the recent holidays so far.

Here are a few pictures of some little activities that have taken place this month:

Our Christmas tree.  I had to play with my new DSLR camera!

This was my Dad's Christmas Concert at Church.  He is the one dressed like Joseph :)

The week before Christmas it is now a tradition for my family to make the short drive up the hill to South Lake Tahoe and stay there for about a week.  My parents have an awesome time share where the lobby literally opens to the gondola entrance for the Heavenly Ski resort.  This year, there wasn't a whole lot of skiing/boarding going on...the hubs is the only one that got to go up, and that was only for one day!  Very unfortunate.  This was my first season being up there and not being able to was very weird.  But other than that, we all had a great time hanging out and just being with family.  My sister and her husband were there, and my Aunt and Uncle from Texas were able to come out for a few days as well!  I love this time of year and being able to be with family.

Outdoor skating rink at the time share

Dark Lord beer that the boys have been waiting months to try!

Toasting via Skype with Hubby's brother in law who they got the beer from

The drive home from Tahoe took much longer than it should have due to conditions like this...

But once we finally got down the mountain and out of the snow (Heavenly got 36 inches that day!!), we were greeted by some more Southern California family that came up to spend Christmas with us!   My Aunt, Uncle and two cousins drove up to spend some time with us.

My Aunt (left) and my mom (right)

My Aunt, my cousin, my mom and my sister

My Uncle

Hubs, cousin, and uncle, all watching sports no doubt!

Peppermint Martini by the fire

We have had so much fun with them, and obviously wish we could see them more often!  Those kids are growing so fast its incredible!

Christmas day was a lot of fun.  Hubby and I woke up and exchanged our presents to each other from The Bean.  I got a prenatal massage (so excited!) and he got Lego's that will be decorations in the Bean's room until he's old enough to play with them.  Then we gathered up the puppies and headed over to my parents house.  We all opened presents and had our traditional breakfasts (Mom's homemade bubble coffee cake for us, and sausage and biscuits with gravy for the hubs :) ).  Then it was time to get cooking!  The rest of the day was spent preparing Christmas dinner (for the  ladies) and watching movies/playing with new toys (for the boys).  All in all, a very good day :)

Wine toppers homemade by my cousin!

Sorry for such a long post!  But I hope your holidays were just as special!!

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  1. Love the pics. We had a great time!