Monday, February 4, 2013

Nursery Update - Bead board!

I am now about 32 weeks along and our baby boy sure is growing.  We are nearing the due date and have only 7.5 weeks left!  It's really crazy to think that we could be meeting our little bean next month :)  And with the progress that is being made in the nursery, I'm feeling so much better that we will definitely be ready for him.

Over the weekend the hubby did so much work and got about 98% of the bead board up!  It was so exciting to watch the progress.  We bought 4' x 8' sheets of primed bead board at Lowe's along with a few 12' strips of chair rail.  We had the folks at Lowe's cut the sheets in half for us, so we ended up with 12 sheets of 4' x 4' bead board.  Last weekend we (meaning him, because I'm not supposed to paint right now), painted all of the bead board and chair rail in white.

This weekend (after hubby had ripped out all of the old base boards in the nursery), we were able to start putting the sheets up.  The tools he used were:

Liquid Nails
Nail gun
Circular saw
And as always, a pencil and tape measure

I did actually help put the sheets up, but he did all the measuring, and cutting.  He had to cut around outlets and windows using the jigsaw, and cut pieces to fit in the corners when it wasn't quite 4' wide.  We spread the liquid nails all over the back of the sheet, lined it up on the wall, made sure it was level, and then nail that sucker in.  And I must say, its looking fabulous.  He just has a couple more random sized walls to do by the closet and door.

Thank you to our friend Matt for letting us borrow the nail gun!  He totally wants one of his own now :)

The dresser wall
We had about half of the room complete after Saturday.  We had to stop because we ran out of daylight which we needed to use the saws outside.

While Lexi made sure to get some sunbathing in, John finished up the cuts for the last big wall on Sunday.

Now what we have left to do is put the new baseboards back on, add the chair rail on top, add a window sill (I never realized before this project that none of our windows have window sills!), and fill in the gaps with some caulk :).  We should be able to get that all done next weekend!  Then we can move the furniture into place, and I can start with the decorating details.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for obliging this nesting mama of her design desires :)

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