Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Trimester Recap - 13.5 Weeks

I am now “technically” through my first trimester.  I say technically because if you divide 40 weeks (length of an average pregnancy) by 3, you get like 13.3 or something.  So now that I am past 13.5 weeks, I will say I’m out of my first trimester!  Some books and sites will argue that this isn’t until 14 weeks…but who’s counting (only 184 more days till I get to meet my baby!)??  So I thought I’d do a little recap of the first few months of this pregnancy, especially since it’s my first, I want to have all of this information documented for when the second kid comes around! 

There hasn’t been much exciting going on in the world of baby on the outside at least.  Obviously on the inside the bean is growing like crazy!  Already about 3 inches long and weighing in at one whole ounce J says that this week is about the size of a Georgia peach.  At this point, the bean has fingers, toes, nails, some peach fuzz, finger prints, all internal organs, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, a healthy heartbeat, and even gender organs.  Although those won’t be visible on an ultrasound for another 6 weeks or so.  And yes, we are definitely planning on finding out the gender! 

Sickness: Up to this point I’ve felt pretty good considering how bad it could have been.  I only got sick a few times and mostly that was due to not eating before I got too hungry.  Not sure if that makes sense, but basically, when I start to get hungry, all of the sudden I feel like I haven’t eaten in 3 days.  And from that point, I usually have about a half hour window or so before I get sick.  So far, I’ve managed to keep that one under control for the most part.  Around week 8, I did have some days that I just felt nauseas the whole day.  

Fatigue: I never really got fatigued, at least not enough for me to notice.  I mean, yeah I was tired, but never to the point where I was going to bed at 8pm and taking naps during the day.  So, that has been a good thing because being that exhausted at work just sounds awful. 

Exercise:  I have been continuing my regular 3 days a week at Crossfit.  I obviously have skipped days here and there, but for the most part I keep up with it.  Granted I have slowed down on a lot of the work outs because I’m finding myself out of breath faster, but I figure it’s better than nothing!  And yes folks…not to worry, continuing Crossfit was approved by my doctor!

Food:  Now this has been a tricky one.  For the first 6 weeks or so (from when I found out, so weeks 4-10) all I could really eat were carbs.  Some of my staples included: Ritz, Doritos Salsa Verde, Cream of Wheat, and Mac n Cheese.  I know…super healthy right?  I have been taking my prenatals, and I have been drinking V8 juice to get some of those fruits and veggie benefits, but I was basically trying to eat what didn’t make me sick.  Now, I don’t know if I’d call those cravings persay…the hubs would beg to differ.  But, oh well.  I’m pregnant!!  It’s allowed!  I’m starting to feel better now, and am back to eating veggies and more protein in my diet.   Although chicken is still a no-go for me at this point. 

 Clothes:  According to my scale, I’ve only gained 3 or 4 pounds, which is good.  From my 8 week appointment to my 12 week appointment, I apparently lost .6 pounds according to the doctor’s scale.  Who am I to argue that??  Anywho, I’m to the point now where the pants that fit juuuust right before, are now needing the belly band.  And the pants that were slightly loose before, are fitting juuuuust right.  So I’m not completely out of normal clothes.  But the belly band has come in handy a few times. Thanks Sarah for getting me the black one!!  I’m not in maternity pants yet, but I have a feeling it’s just around the corner.  As for maternity shirts, I have bought a few at Target, but they could also be worn as non-maternity shirts.    

Other: The only other thing that has been happening out of the norm is stuffiness!  I have been stuffy every day (the worst at night) since around 10 weeks or so.  It’s very annoying when trying to sleep since I can’t really take any meds for it.  But, the hubby has been very helpful and usually just rubs my belly and says “it’ll all be worth it soon”.  He’s so sweet J 

That’s about the only interesting stuff I can think of for now. We haven’t made any baby purchases because we’re trying to wait until the gender appointment.  It has been very difficult though!  I can’t wait to start getting baby stuff, and decorating the nursery!!  I also can’t wait for my belly to pop out some more so I don’t just look like I ate too much at the buffet! The second trimester is supposed to be the “honeymoon” trimester, so I’m really looking forward to that.  Thanks for reading and I promise there will be a picture next week!!  Feel free to leave questions if I left anything out J


  1. Love reading your update! So informative! It helps this grandma-to-be feel not so far away. Love you all...

    1. Love you too! Glad you are enjoying the updates :)

  2. I also craved carbs during the first trimester and was super surprised I didn't gain any weight. As far as the stuffiness...try a humidifier. When I got sick, the humidifier was a lifesaver for me!

    1. Thanks! I have heard those can help, but I like hearing it from someone I trust. Going to look on amazon now!