Friday, September 14, 2012

Our Barker Bunch....Is Growing!!

Yep, the hubs and I are expecting!!  Our Barker Bunch is growing :-)  This is my grand excuse for lack of posts.  But now that we are in the safe zone, and are telling people, I hope to post more!  I am about 3 months along, a little over 12 weeks.  Our expected due date is March 28, 2013, but my intuition tells me it'll be in the first few days of April.  Mother's instinct??  Maybe, we'll see :)

The first weeks seemed very long to me, and that may have been because we were having to keep it a secret.  But, now that the new is out, I thought I would share our story.  So here it goes...

The hubby left for Boston on work travel on June 18th, 2013 (a Wednesday).  He wasn't coming back until Sunday June 22 because he was staying a few extra days to visit his aunt.  For whatever reason, maybe it was instinct...maybe it was just impatience, I decided to take a test on Thursday night.  I was fully expecting it to be negative, no big deal.  But as I sat staring at the little strip of paper...I thought I was seeing things.  A second little pink line started to develop!  I was beside myself trying to figure out if this was true, or accurate, or a fluke.  So of course I took a couple more :)  All with the same result.  Then, since those were just cheapo internet bought tests, I drove myself to Walgreen's and picked up some digital tests.  And sure enough, the little blinking hour glass turned to "Pregnant".

I was so so excited, I had a few tears in my eyes. And I was celebrating with my dogs because they were the only ones home!  Then came the hard part.  Having to talk to the hubby every night while he was away, and not spilling the beans!  I couldn't tell him over the phone.  I had to do it in person.  And to make matters worse, I had plans to spend nearly all day Saturday with my parents.  And I couldn't say a thing!  I was dying.

Sometime in those few days, I managed to go to Target and pick up a couple of things in order to surprise my new Daddy-to-be with the news when he got home on Sunday.  He got home Sunday afternoon and after he had settled in a bit, I handed him a shoe box asking him if he wanted to see the new shoes I picked up while he was away (this is a common occurrence...I love shoes)  and this is what he opened...

The test does say "Pregnant" even though you can't tell in the picture.  Sorry for the poor quality, it was taken on my phone.  He was so excited he nearly dropped the box!  So needless to say, we are both over the moon and so so anxious to meet our little one.  We have adopted the nickname The Bean for the baby since we don't know the gender yet. So, without further ado, here is our little Bean's first picture... 6 weeks and 5 days old :-)

It's the little nugget right where those cross hairs are.  The cross hairs are used to measure how long the bean is, .45 centimeters :)  

We have been taking (mostly) weekly pictures.  I will write another post soon with a catch up on those.  Thanks for reading our story!!!  And I'll keep you all informed of the progress that we are making!  

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  1. We are so excited for you two! You will be such awesome parents! What a blessed baby this will be! Sending all our love for continued good health....can't wait for you visit over Thanksgiving!