Friday, September 14, 2012

New Floors

Ok, brace yourselves for a long post (mostly pictures).  I know I have been terrible about updating this thing, my next post will be on why that is.  But for now, I want to show you our new floors!

When we first moved in, we had already decided that we wanted to redo the downstairs floors at some point.  The carpet was gross and stained (regardless of how much we steam cleaned it, spot treated it, etc.) and the tile and grout in the kitchen/entry way was just .......ick.  You could never tell if the tile was dirty, or stained, or if that's just how it was supposed to be.  The grout was very clearly stained and just had to go.

So, since we have dogs and we plan to have kids down the line, we figured that real hardwood would not be durable enough, plus it was a little out of our price range.  We decided to go with laminate that looks like hardwood.  It's much cheaper, and much more durable since its man made.

We enlisted the help of one of our friends and fellow softball teammates Noah Brown who is a general contractor (Noah Brown Construction).    After much debate, and many samples that we brought home, we finally decided on one from Gold River Carpet One.  They have a great selection!  And thus the process began...

The before pictures (and in process of moving furniture out of the downstairs)

It doesn't seem that bad in the pictures...but trust me it is.

Then came the demolition stage...

This is all our new flooring that was ordered...yay!
Our entire downstairs was covered in plastic for about 5 days.  We spent most of our time cramped upstairs (since half of our downstairs furniture was up there too) in the loft to watch tv.  We had a lot of mac n cheese, and ordered in pizza during that time :-)

And finally, putting it all back together (in a much nicer way!)...

The dogs are more of a fan of the rugs since they have no traction on the new floors.  But we are so so happy with the way it all turned out.  It looks amazing, and it really helps make the layout of the house flow better.  A huge thank you to Noah!!  We also replaced the baseboards in the process, and they look great.  

The house slowly came back together as the plastic came down, and the furniture came back in.  Now all we need is a couple of nice rugs!  

Our next step will be to replace the carpet upstairs since its just as bad as downstairs.  So hopefully we'll be able to get that done in the next few months!  

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