Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Growing Our Bean

I will officially be 13 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  I think my bump is juuuust starting to show.  If I "let it all hang out" then there is definitely a bump.  But standing normal, I just look like a had a large Thanksgiving dinner.

We have been taking almost weekly bump pictures since around 8 weeks.  Well.....we actually started earlier than that since I was so stinkin' excited, but there's nothing there, and the first couple are on my phone and without the chalkboard, so I'm omitting those.

You'll have to forgive the poor lighting, poor outfit choices, and awkward arm/hand positions I have.  I'm still trying to figure out what works best for these, which is not difficult considering I really don't like pictures of myself in the first place.  But I'm hoping that one day down the road I'll be happy to have these as a keepsake. So, without further are the pictures up through 12 weeks.  We will be taking the 13 week picture tomorrow or Friday, so stay tuned for that.  I'll also be posting my symptoms and experiences up through now with that picture.

Just as a note, I got the idea for the chalkboard from this blog.  I found it on Pinterest :)

Not sure whats going on with the bumpiness of the pants here...but I swear its the clothes, not my belly!

The 12th week is clearly my favorite picture so far.  And I think that will be one of the outfit favorites for showing off the bean.  And just for fun...I thought I'd share this picture with my furry baby girl protecting what we sometimes call "her baby" :)  I just thought it was precious the way her paw ended up across my belly! (Please excuse the awkward position of my hand :-P )


  1. adorably cute!!!! Love that you have chosen to do this. Will be a wonderful way to see how you're doing from thousands of miles away. Love you all!