Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin!

Some months ago, my friend Linda and I decided that we wanted to do something to get in shape/stay active.  But we both knew that motivation was hard to find! (Seriously, where did it go? If someone finds it, please return! Thanks!)  With that in mind, we decided that having each other as a motivation buddy/workout partner would probably be our best bet for sticking with our  new plan. What was our new plan you ask? Well, let me tell you!

First, some background:
To me, running was always the best form of exercise.  I thought this, because it's probably one of the exercises I disliked the most (go figure huh?).  Growing up, I was a sprinter.  I played softball and never really had to run farther than around the bases.  I always hated running the mile or mile and a half in PE.  I dreaded it to be honest.  My endurance was made for short bursts of energy = I have no endurance. Or maybe I should say HAD no endurance.  That has recently changed (woohoo!!)!  I started trying to run when I was attempting to get in shape for the wedding.  I mean, who doesn't want desperately to be in the best shape ever on a day that big?!  I never went more than a couple miles.  Which for me, was a huge accomplishment.  After doing that by myself for about a year, I got pretty bored.  Music got old, trying really hard to motivate myself got even harder, and the couch just looked better and better.

Once Linda and I started talking, we realized we both had the same goals, and the same problems.  So naturally it didn't take me long to figure out that we should make a goal together, and help motivate each other.  It's way easier to motivate someone else, than it is to motivate yourself!  So, one day back in May, we decided together that we would start training for.....wait for it....... a half marathon!  Wait, wait, wait...half MARATHON?  Did I just say that? The girl that could barely finish the mile in the required time in school is going to try for 13.1 miles?  YEP!  That's right, I did say half marathon.  I did some searching online, and found a training schedule that we could follow, and then we decided on the river trail for the location of our runs.

So, the obstacle was the fact that the training schedule began at 3 miles the first day....uh........yeah, ok, sure....Neither of us had ever run that far at once.  But, we had to start somewhere!  And after all the chatter about "How are we gonna do this? I don't think I can finish! I'm so tired already (at a half mile)!" We managed to finish the first day,....and the second,...and the third.  Before we knew it, here we are today running 5 miles twice a week, and 8-10 miles on the weekend.  Without stopping!  We  hit some other road bumps along the way (pun intended), but we rearranged our schedules, and made things work when we needed to.  Having Linda there with me the whole time has been the one and only reason that I have kept up with this.  Knowing that I had a scheduled time to meet her, and that she was expecting me there all those days is what motivated me to go.  Otherwise, I would have had all sorts of excuses I'm sure!

Now it is October, and our race is at the end of the month.  October 30th to be exact.  2 weeks away!  I'm super excited that we've come this far.  We started with alternating walking and running every couple of minutes to get through 3 miles, to being able to run 8 miles with out stopping at all.  It has been a very rewarding experience.  And I'm so glad I was able to accomplish this goal with such a fantastic person!  We have become really close friends and now, instead of thinking about all the running we have to do, I look forward to getting to talk with such a good friend for an hour and a half+ (with some running thrown in there ).

We have come such a long way and now I'm really nervous excited for our race.  And a tiny part of me is excited for it to be over (shhhh).  So, 16 days and counting!!


  1. Oh wow, is it really only 2 weeks away? That is insane! I have enjoyed every minute of it! (well..the being with you part. not so much the running. lol) It is amazing how far we have come...and also how much we have learned about each other. We are so close to our goal! I just hope I can finish the race. ah! :)

  2. We'll be thinking of you Sunday as you run your first half marathon! Let us know how it goes!