Thursday, October 20, 2011

Save Me San Francisco!

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted!  This past weekend hubby and I went to San Francisco to see the SF Symphony.  I love the city.  Visiting the big cities always just puts a huge smile on my face.  I'm not sure what it is, I'm just always in amazement.  Unfortunately I didn't take my camera (stupid move I know!).  But it really was a fantastic weekend.  We left Saturday early afternoon and drove to Walnut Creek.  We stayed in a hotel there (wayyyy cheaper than in the city).  We checked in, and got ready.  We then took B.A.R.T. into the city.  We had received a restaurant gift card as a wedding present and finally got around to using it.  We ended up going to Roy's.  The food was great, ....the dessert was fantastic!!  Chocolate souffle....'nuff said.  From there we took the B.A.R.T again over to a stop closer to the symphony hall.

We got there just in time for the performance to start.  Our seats were way up high, but it was nice because it kind of gave us a bird's eye view of the whole orchestra.  The first piece/half (yes the first half was all one piece) was quite.......interesting?  I guess that's a good word for it.  It wasn't at all quite what we expected.  It consisted of a few string instruments, and two singers.  The singers sang in Opera-esq voices....and it was all in Russian (queue crickets...).  So obviously we had no idea what they were saying, and on top of that, Opera is not our favorite style of singing.  But, we made it through the first half - with some giggling done on our part (heehee).

The second half was wonderful.  The rest of the strings came out, the woodwinds, the brass, the percussion.  Such amazing musicians with so much talent.  The piece was Pictures at an Exhibition.  It was fantastic.  If you have any sort of appreciation for symphonies or orchestras...I highly recommend the SF Symphony.

Afterwards we rode B.A.R.T. back to our hotel.  The next morning we checked out, went to breakfast and made our way home to pick up our fur babies from my parents house :)

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend as well!  More updates to come soon I promise!  Ohh, and PS...I kinda chopped my hair off on Saturday!  Pictures to come ;-)

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