Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Technology Revolt!

Hi All!  I'm sorry it's been so so long since I've posted - or at least it feels like a long time to me since I tell myself daily that I really should post today!  Technology decided to turn against me last week.  All at the same time.  I blame it on the fact that the hubby had to go out of town for work for the ENTIRE WEEK!!  Yep, he was gone from Friday to Friday, and all things electronic decided to go haywire pretty much the next day.  First it was my laptop.  Some sort of security encryption decided to magically install itself over night, which resulted in me not being able to log into my computer at all.  Way too secure if you ask me!  I'll spare you the details...but it was about a week and a half long process of trying to get in, getting security codes, downloading re-image software, attempting to re-image, etc, etc... Ultimately, I got it working and got all of my data back :)

However, in the mean time, the three sets of lights we have in our kitchen decided to one by one, go KAPUT on me!  Then, while trying to leave one night to go to Ross (LOVE the new one by my house btw!!)  the garage door refused to close.  It would stop halfway, and then go back up.  After about 10 minutes, I finally got it to go all the way down, and stay down.  Next (yes, there's more), on my way out of Ross, the battery in my car key that locks and unlocks my doors - you know, the click button things? - was apparently done working.

And lastly, when I was going to attempt to make something in the oven, I went to pull out the drawer under the stove....and it's stuck shut!  I know it's not technology related...but it is ONE more thing that went wrong while the hubs was gone.

So, thankfully he came back and what do you know...all the lights in the kitchen started working again, the garage door hasn't acted up at all, my computer is now fixed, and my car key decided to work for a couple more days (now it really is dead though).  So you see, I guess I was just not meant to post while he was away. that he is back, I will have some final Mail Organization photos for you!  Check back soon!

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