Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Fall Products!

I just recently received my latest shipment in from Mary Kay.  The new fall catalog came out, and I just HAD to have some of the fabulous products that they came up with.  And I must say, they did a wonderful job!  I have gotten a chance to use all of my new fancy products and I love them.  I'm pretty honest with what I like and don't like because I don't believe in selling something that I wouldn't wear myself.  So in that respect, you can count on me to tell you the truth on products.  But just be  mindful that these are all my own OPINIONS and they in no way reflect the opinions of Mary Kay.  I am not paid by or asked by Mary Kay to do this, I just thought, as an Independent consultant, it would be good to show my potential, and existing customers the ins and outs of the products!

And without further are some photos that I took of my new MK fall products:
The whole bunch!
These are all of the products that I personally ordered.  As far as new products for the season go, there are more lip colors, but they aren't really my style so I didn't purchase them.  But they are gorgeous colors, so if you are interested, pop on over to my website and feel free to look around :)

First we have the "mini pallets" as I call them.  The large section is blush, and the three smaller sections are eye shadows. They come in two shades, one a little lighter, and one a little darker.  The website shows these better :)
  • The concentration of color.  It really bugs me when I get a blush or eye shadow that I have to put on 50 layers just to see color.  Not the case with these!  
  • The hint of gold shimmer.  I'm loving the gold for this fall!  You can see it a little better in the close up picture below. 
  •  These mini pallets fit perfectly in any size of the MK compacts.  They are equipped with the magnetic backing so they sit comfortably inside your MK compact. 
Not so loves:
  • It's just a tad bit difficult to get JUST the blush on your brush since blush brushes tend to be a bit bigger.  It only takes a little practice, and it's totally worth it!

Second, we have the liquid eye liner.  Now MK already has liquid eyeliners that are not specific to the seasons, but this one is a little different in the application style.  It's more like a pen.  It is felt tip and is super skinny at the end for precise application.  LOVE!  I really have no complaints about this product at all.  It comes in a black, sable, and plum (perfect colors for the fall season).
  • Pigment concentration - so true to color
  • Dries quickly
  • Precise application
  • Doesn't smudge (usually a huge problem for me)
Not so loves:
  • It's seasonal :(

Lastly, we have the lipstick.  This is a special edition lipstick and proceeds from this product go to charity to help end domestic violence, which is a reason in itself to buy it!  There are three beautiful colors to choose from.  You can't go wrong with MK lipstick.  It's very creamy and again has great pigmentation.  I don't usually wear lipstick very often, I'm more of a gloss kinda gal.  But with this new one, I'm finding excuses to wear it!  I love to wear a clear gloss on top to  help the color last a little longer.

So those are my awesome new fall products!  Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email if you are interested in these or anything else Mary Kay!  I would love to help you find products that work for your skin and lifestyle :)  Also, leave comments of other posts you would like to see!  

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