Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Catch-up

This past Saturday was John's company softball tournament.  It was an all day event that he and two other friends/coworkers organized for the company.  There was a total of 15 teams that played on 3 fields.   So John had flown in late Friday night, and then we got to wake up Saturday morning and be at the fields by 8:30am.  Since this was the first annual tournament, there wasn't a huge budget to pull everything together.  That meant that they (we) had to do some things ourselves.  The guys and some of their colleagues/friends were the umpires of the games (and some of them played on teams as well, talk about well scheduled!),  my mom made the banner to hang (thanks mom!), another spouse ran the "softball central" booth which had bracket print outs, team line-up templates, and first aid, and I got to walk around and be resident photographer.  Oh, and I can't forget that any one of us that was a volunteer that had a free hour, was helping keep score for the volunteer umpires :)

Unfortunately, I was using a friends (very nice) digital camera (you know, the kind that has interchangeable lenses and all that fun stuff?!).  Therefore, I do not have any of the pictures to display on the blog.  But take my word for it, it was an extremely long successful day.  Even the CEO of the company was happy and impressed!    I'm pretty sure that this time next year, we'll be preparing for the 2nd Annual Company Softball Tournament!  Kudos to everyone that helped organize!

On Sunday we went over to some friends house (same friends from the softball tourney).  They were having a 3 year birthday party for their son/Thanks for helping at the tournament party.  It was a fun time sitting and relaxing with friends, playing corn hole, eating some good food, and watching the little kids help the birthday boy unwrap all of his presents.

It was a great weekend overall and we got to spend it with great friends!  Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend :)

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