Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Laundry Room Progress

I know in my last Organization/Home projects post I said that the Master Bedroom closet would be the first project, but since the budget has now come into play, that priority list has had to change.  The closet will be a project for next month when the budget resets :-D  For now, (since I'm way too close to my monthly budget limit!) I've decided to work a little on the Laundry room.  I'm doing what I can with the resources I already have on hand.  The rest of this project is TBB!  This is a pretty short post, but I thought it would be fun to share my slow progress on my home organization journey.  Once this is all completely finished, I might submit it to this organization blog, since she was my inspiration after all!

Without further ado, here are some of the before pictures:

I will admit, that I did do a little organizing before I took these pictures.  I had forgotten to take the official "before" photo.  So, if you can imagine, the dog stuff in the wicker basket was all a jumbled mess on that shelf, and there were no soda can holders, only the boxes that they came in. Also, in the top picture, the napkins/hand towels were not nicely folded and there was no little basket for the dishwasher tabs.  Sorry, I cheated a bit!  

Here are the after (intermediate) photos:
Added a rug for a little color/homey-ness

Placed napkins/hand towels in canvas drawers and laundry stuff in the drink bucket

Placed cleaning stuff into bins

Used the newly created space for food overflow :)
I still plan to replace the shelf above the washer/dryer with two shelves.  The current one is so high up, and too deep.  I can't reach anything that gets shoved back there.  I plan to paint over the stark white walls with maybe a nice blue/gray color to match the rug.  And I'd also like to redo the shelves opposite the washer/dryer to create some space for the ironing board, broom and swiffer!  

Ok, so it wasn't as short of a post as I thought originally, sorry!  But, stay tuned for more updates as the budget allows ;)  

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