Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Fun

So, unfortunately, this was not a three day weekend (personally I think they should all be three day weekends!) but it was still fun none-the-less.  Friday after work I got to indulge in some much needed retail therapy.  No particular reason why it was needed, but what girl doesn't need some retail therapy every now and then?!  I met up with my friend Linda at the outlet mall.  It was a mostly successful trip.  I found some work clothes I "needed" and a really pretty purse that I didn't :-D (hehehe).  We then headed up to watch a softball game that John played in.  He was involved in a weekend long tournament with a couple friends to help raise money for a children's organization (don't remember which one exactly).  After that we drove back and stopped to eat at this little pizza place.....sooo yummy!!

On Saturday Linda and I met up around 8am to go for a run by the river.  We are training for a half marathon in late October.  So today was a 6.5 miler (I'll do a separate post on that later).  After that Linda and I met back up that afternoon for some more retail therapy :-)  DSW and Marshalls.......very successful!  I FINALLY found some new dark brown pumps and knee high boots that are acceptable for work!  Who knew it was so difficult to find dark brown anything!?  Seriously, I've been looking for about a year for dark brown pumps since my last ones kinda fell apart.  I ended up with these
 and these  so I'm pretty happy :)
Saturday afternoon Linda was kind enough to accompany me to a housewarming party since I was not going to know anyone else there, and John now had this softball tournament to play in all weekend.  Very cute house, I was definitely taking some mental interior design notes!  Saturday night was spent at home, watching some How I Met Your Mother (super funny!) and relaxing with the puppies.

Sunday was also a busy day!  Linda and I (yeah, we were pretty much inseparable this weekend) had tickets to Country in the Park which was put on by the local radio station.  It was a great day for it, the weather was not too hot, a tiny bit cloudy a nice breeze...very fun.  We walked around, got some airbrush tattoos ('cause we're cool like that! Pictures to come!) and got some tinsel in our hair.  Sounds weird I know, but its kinda like a hair extension, but its just a piece of tinsel that they tie into your hair.  It's fun, it was a dollar, why not? And of course we watched/listened to most of the artists that were there to perform (we were right behind the sound our view was minimal, but hey, we were in the shade!)  oh, and we definitely did a lot of people watching :)   Sunday night was the usual coed softball game.  We won :)
Getting Tattoo'd!

Finished product

Waiting for the concert to start

Getting tinsel in our hair!

All in all, a very good, very busy, very fun weekend.  I hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!


  1. How I Met Your Mother!!!! AWESOME!!!! :) We should have HIMYM all nighters when you guys are home for Christmas!! We could do like a bunch of seasons! :) hehehe!

  2. Yes!!!!!!! That show is hilarious. Christmas marathon for sure, the way you guys used to with 24! :-)

  3. Aww a recap of the weekend. It was a good weekend indeed! Although, my airbrush tattoo definitely did NOT last a week like they said. ;)

  4. Mine didn't either, it was definitely half smeared by that night! Lame!

  5. Nice boots! Those will look great on you. I want to see a picture of the purse! ;-)