Monday, September 19, 2011

Organize the Organization

Ok, so I know having a budget is a VERY good thing for any household, but sometimes it's a bit of a disappointment to find out that you can't do every project that you have in your head all at the same time!  As my hubby can attest to, I am slightly EXTREMELY impatient when it comes to a lot of things (just ask him how many times I questioned him about our engagement...hehe)!  However, this is one small part of why he is my perfect match <3.  He is very very good about being practical.  Whether it comes to purchasing new shoes, to trees and landscaping, to a new car, to our next vacation, he reminds me to be patient and wait until we know we can afford it.  Soooo, with that in mind, yesterday we sat down and planned out our Barker Family Budget.

Now, like I said before, with all of these new home projects popping up in my head left and right, this was a bit of a pouty-face moment for me.  But, the more I got to thinking about it, the more I'm starting to think this is a very good/exciting thing for me.  I do love to organize (apparently I have loved it since my elementary days - just ask my mom!), but oddly enough, I need to organize my organization projects!  Does that make sense?  I have all of these ideas floating around in my head, and as I go around the house, I tend to be a little am very much A.D.D when it comes to which part of the house and which project I'm working on.  I will go from organizing the linen closet upstairs, to the kitchen cupboards, to the master bathroom, etc.
And you may ask, "How does having a budget help with this lack of focus?".  Well let me explain my train of thought!  By having a set budget, and knowing exactly how much I am allowed to spend on .... well, generally whatever I want, this forces me to plan out the different projects that are floating aimlessly up in my head.  Organize the organization!  I will finally start to write down my different ideas, and plan them out by month, figuring out how much each project will cost and when I can fit it into my budget.

To start things off on the right foot, we made a trip to Home Depot yesterday to start pricing out the master bedroom closet project!  Unfortunately it will have to wait till  next month (darn budget!), but now I have a definite start and end time for this project and I can plan out what I need and want .  As opposed to my normal "someday soon...." timeline.

So, in the mean time, I will be excitedly planning my our new closet and probably doing a few mini organization projects around the house.  Stay tuned for my before and after pictures of my mini laundry room makeover! (Large laundry room makeover is currently TBB - To Be Budgeted!)


  1. love this! save save save while you can!! (before little ones come along! they just suck all of the money out of ya!) I like the TBB! I'm going to steal this idea. :)

  2. Practical and patient....that would be John! It's so sweet to read that he is your perfect match...warms this mother's heart. So proud of you for doing a budget. We finally got around to doing one last year when we met with our financial planner....he was thrilled. We're also listening to the Dave Ramsey tapes that Sarah shared with us....some great stuff!

    Love and hugs to you both,