Monday, September 19, 2011

LCS Tournament

This past weekend was the League Championship Series (LCS) Tournament for the co-ed softball league that the hubby and I play in.  The team started out as mostly co-workers of John's and their significant others, but we've grown and changed some throughout the seasons.  We are in our 3rd year or so of playing with these wonderful people and a couple of seasons ago (spring season maybe??) we took first place in our league!  Go Giant Slayers!! (Team name is an inside joke)  Not only did our team get a little money for winning, we were then eligible to sign up for this LCS tournament.  The tournament consists of teams from all over the area who won their division in their respective leagues.

The tournament was a lot of fun.  We played 4 games on Saturday, but only 1 on Sunday.  It was a double elimination tournament, and we had lost our very first game on Saturday.  We hung in there for the rest of the afternoon as tired as we were, but unfortunately, we are very much a team accustomed to playing at night.  And with a 9am game Sunday morning...well I'm just going to blame it on us not being completely awake yet. Or maybe it's that we were TOO rested??  Either way, we were done after our first game Sunday which left us with 6th place out of ...hmm.  I'm not actually sure how many teams there were, but there seemed to be quite a few!

Sunday night we had our normal league game which we ended up winning!  Woohoo!  The funny part about that one, was that we were actually short one girl up until about 5 minutes till game time.  At which point, our manager managed to (literally) chase down a girl leaving the fields following her own softball game and convinced her to play with us for that night!  Now, to me that is one brave girl!  But our team was definitely appreciative.  Thanks Amanda!  Whoever and wherever you are :-)

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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