Monday, December 12, 2011

2 Post Weekend - Dress Disaster?

This weekend I decided to work on my New Years dress some more.  My goal was to get as much of it done as possible on Friday so that on Sunday when I saw my mom again, we would nearly be able to finish it up!  Well.....that didn't quite go as planned.  

I came home Friday from work and got right to it.  We had already cut out the sleeve and bottom band pattern out of the sequin-y material. 

So, I sat down, pinned the sleeve to the rest of the dress making sure the right side of the black was up against the right side of the sequin-y stuff (to make sure the seam would be invisible when it was turned right side in), and started to sew the sleeve to the dress.  (I had already sewn the top shoulders together).

My excitement and determination slowly started to deteriorate.  For whatever reason, the thread was just not catching on the other side of the material.  My stitches were not working!  The black and sequin-y material were not playing nice.  My frustration was growing fairly rapidly with each attempt.  I must have called my mom 5 times in about a 10 minute window.  (Sorry Mom!)  And of course, to make matters worse, every time I tried to stitch two pieces of scrap together the same way, it worked perfectly!  But as soon as I got to the dice. UGH!!  

After about an hour I gave up.  Saturday morning I went and dropped off the material and the sewing machine to my mom so that she could try while I was out for the day.  Unfortunately she had no luck either!  Which means 1) It wasn't just me being a doofus - phew!  and 2) uh oh....

Sunday night a dear friend of the family dropped her sewing machine off at my parents house (which is newer than my mom's) and my mom attempted with that as well.  And guess what........SUCCESS!!  My mom was able to get the sleeve sewn on!  Woohoo!!  So today I'm off to go pick up the rest of the material and the newer sewing machine to see if I can continue on my own.  I will finish this dress if it kills me!!  :-D

Check back soon for more updates (which are hopefully progress!)

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