Monday, December 12, 2011

2 Post Weekend - Motorcycles and Jackhammers!

I know the title of this post seems super macho and manly.  And,...well...that's because this post sorta is too.  This Part 2 of my weekend post.  First let me premise by saying that Thursday night, John's good friend (and mine too!) Rob flew up from LA for the weekend.  Remember Rob from that Pismo camping post?  :)  We love Rob.  So, the plan for the boys over the weekend was DEMOLITION!!!  Enter: Jackhammer.  The boys spent the weekend totally demolishing our back patio.   It was 3 large slabs of concrete that they broke up with the jackhammer and hauled off to a local place that actually accepts concrete for recycling.
The before pictures

The after pictures
After all of the demo was done, both guys said something along the lines of "it was cool, and now I can say I've used a jackhammer...but I'm glad it's done!"  So, now we have a big empty spot where our patio is supposed to be.  Hopefully the pavers will get put in very soon after the new year so we can have a patio again :)  

The other even that went on Saturday was the annual motorcycle Toy Run that I do with my dad.  It's this huge even that bikers from all over the area come to participate in.  All of these bikers meet at a community center, and from there they all participate in a parade through this little town.  The bikes are decorated for the holidays, bikers dress up as Santa, or elves, and such.  And each person brings either toys, or food to donate to local kids in need during the holiday.  After the parade, all the bikers make their way to a fair ground where they can drop off their toys and food.  It is pretty incredible how many people participate in this event every year.  It's great to see so many people so eager to give back and help those less fortunate.  I will post pictures of this event soon, once I get them off of my dad's camera. 'Tis the season for giving!

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