Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday High Fives

I thought I would take a moment to list out my top 5 favorite things from this week.  I got the idea from some blogs that I follow The Small Things Blog and From My Grey Desk (they are sisters and I love their blogs!)  And in the spirit of the trend I thought I would join in!

1. Walking my puppies at night after work and looking at all of the fun holiday light displays around the neighbor hood.  Some people are so creative!  It really gets me in the holiday mood.

2. Having Craft night with some awesome girlfriends and learning how to knit!

3. My beautiful new shoes for New Years that showed up on my doorstep this week

4. Holiday potlucks and holiday parties at work!  It's like holiday party time at school where people really only show up for the food and festivities, even though we're supposed to be working ;)

5. And last but CERTAINLY not hubby finally coming home after being on travel for work!  I missed him so much!!

What have been your favorite things this week?


  1. love it...especially number 2! my grandma taught me how to knit a long time ago and i've been dying to pick it back up! thanks for linking up :)

  2. Thanks Lauren! I love your blog! I read yours and your sister's every day :) Thanks for being my first link up party!