Friday, December 2, 2011

Craft Night - Fabric Rosettes

Tuesday night was once again our Girls Night Craft Night.  We skipped last week because of the Thanksgiving holiday.  But this week we were back on!  Jamie had the idea to make some fabric rosettes.  She sent me the link to this tutorial and I thought "Looks easy enough...let's do it!".  Well the first one or two were not quite as easy as we originally thought.  But, with each new rosette that we attempted, they got easier.  And prettier :)

To make these little beauties all you need is some fabric, scissors, and a hot glue gun (which is on my Christmas list!!).  Once I acquire one of those bad boys, I will be more than happy to put up a step by step tutorial for how I made my little rosettes.  But for now, you can follow the steps in the link above.  Her's is a great tutorial!

But, basically what you do is start out with about a 2"-2.5" by 24" strip of fabric.  The length can vary, and will just determine how big in diameter your rosette is.  If you want small ones for a baby hair clip, use a shorter strip.  If you want a large one for a wreath, or broach, or some other wonderful adornment, then use a longer strip of fabric.  Then you fold the strip in half long ways with the good side showing.  So you should end up now with a 1"-1.25" strip of fabric. Note: if your fabric does not have a bad side, you can start with a 1"-1.25" strip of fabric, no need to fold it.  Next, at one end of your strip, make a small knot, or use your hot glue gun to make a little ball.  This will serve as your center point to begin wrapping around.  Finally, you twist the strip of fabric (like you would twirl your hair) and start wrapping it around the center knot/ball.  Twist as much or as little as you like depending on how thin you want each layer to be. The twisting is what gives the rosette its texture.  Be sure to dab on some hot glue every so often so that your layers stay together.  Be careful not to burn yourself!!  Once you have finished, spread some hot glue on the underside of your pretty rosette, and fold the excess fabric under there.  This finishes the look and helps keep the layers together.  It also gives you a base if you want to glue or sew the rosette to something else like a hair clip or pin.

My finished rosettes

Ok, so now if you are thoroughly confused...go check out the tutorial, she has step by step pictures :)  And if you kinda understand...good for you, I'm impressed!!  I plan to use these little beauties for some Christmas presents ;)  I'll post some pics of how it comes out after.  Can't spoil the surprise!!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Crafting!!


  1. Those are great! I have always wondered how rosettes would turn out with patterned material, but I love how yours look! Those are going on the "To-Make" list!

  2. Thanks Hannah! I'm glad you like them. I've put mine on pins, bobby pins, and little girl hair clips for my niece. I'm sure yours will turn out amazing :) Thank you so much for reading!