Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heading Towards a Giveaway!

In an effort to try to increase my readership, I’ve set a goal for myself and this little blog here.  I follow a decent amount of other blogs and there seems to be a common theme among those who have a good number of readers…GIVEAWAYS!  Now, I don’t have any sponsors, but I myself am  a Mary Kay consultant.  So I decided to be my own sponsor for the time being (one day I hope to have some actual sponsors!) and set a giveaway goal. 

Once I reach 50 followers, I will host a giveaway of some great Mary Kay products.  I haven’t quite decided on what product it will be, but it will be good!  So, I’m asking any of you that currently read my blog, to help me spread the word!  And I would love to get some comments from you all as well.  What kind of posts do you like to see?  Crafting? Baking? Organizing? Makeup?  I love all of these topics and would love to post about them. 

So, to follow me, just click on the ‘Follow’ link in the upper left hand corner of the page.  Once I start getting closer to 50, I will let you all know what the giveaway item will be. 

But for now, spread the word, click the follow link, and feel free to browse my Mary Kay online store and help me decide what I should giveaway to one of you lovely readers J  

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