Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Superbowl Cake Pops

For the Superbowl this weekend John and I went over to my parents house to watch.  Since they were having people over, I decided to make a few things.  The main thing I attempted to make made was cake pops.  I got a cake pop maker for Christmas and wanted to try it out.  I have the babycakes cake pop maker.

It's sort of like a waffle iron, in that you put the batter in, close the lid and let them bake.  So I whipped up some of the vanilla cake pop batter.  The instructions for which are in the booklet that comes with it.

Then, to make filling the individual compartments inside the cake pop maker easier, I poured the batter into a  baggie.

Then you just cut off a tiny part of one of the corners, and it becomes a decorating bag (not sure what the real term is here, but I think you get what I mean...right?)

So I filled up each little cake pop compartment, closed the lid and let them sit for 5 min.  Then I used the little fork that comes with the set, to pull the pops out of the maker, and let them cool on a plate.

Finally I inserted the little sticks and placed them in a mason jar to let them cool completely.

I don't have pictures of the final product with the icing on them.  I ran out of time and had to ice them over at my parents house and forgot to bring my camera.  However, let me tell you, that is a long process!  Making sure the icing stays melted (having to reheat the bowl constantly), making sure the pop doesn't come off the stick and get lost in the icing, holding the pop while the icing hardens/ stops dripping... it is very time consuming.  Much more so than making the actual pops (if you have the cake pop maker that is).  

So, needless to say I commend all those who take the time to 1 )Make these from scratch without the maker, 2) Take the time to make them look super cute and decorated.

All mine got were a layer of chocolate icing!  What types of goodies did you make over the weekend?  Did you have a Superbowl snack creation?

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