Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Craftiness Updates

Happy Tuesday lovely readers!  I’m not a huge fan of Mondays, so I just decided to skip it ;-)  a.k.a. I forgot my camera and didn’t want to post my update without some pictures.  So now I’m back, with pictures (you’ll have to excuse the quality, I’m counting down months until I can get a dslr).

Anywho, I have a few things to provide updates on.  The first being my craft night toilet paper roll art.  I managed to get it all glued together, and spray painted.  Refer to this post to see how to start putting it together.  Once you have all those groups of 4 “petals” if you will, you start gluing those together in rows.  It’s pretty visually intriguing to look at.  After the spray paint dries, since it’s so light I just popped two super small nails in the wall, and hung it up there. 

Mine seems a little small for the big empty wall that I put it on, so today I’m going to head back to Goodwill to see if I can find a nice frame that I can spray paint and put around it.  I’m thinking just an empty frame to give this little number some UMPH!

The second update I have is on my craft corner.  It’s pretty much complete!  We were able to get all of the shelves up.  Here is a picture of what it looked like when we started with all my craftiness exploded everywhere…

Organized chaos….ok so maybe just chaos, but it will be organized soon enough!  We went to Home Depot and bought an 11 ¾ inch by 96 inch piece of white melamine from the lumber dept.  And I also got about 10 of these nice white metal shelf brackets from the closet/shelving area.

We measured the area and the hubby cut the melamine down to the different sizes for me.  I painted the unfinished edges in white.  And then, he installed them in my little corner!  After that I was able to put all my bins and baskets up on the shelves and off my desk.  Here is how it all turned out (again sorry for the less than stellar photo quality!)

I’d like to get some sort of drawer set to go over on the side to keep track of all my little things, and paper and such.  Also, I would love to do a thread peg board like the one pinned here.  So, as always, this space is never “done”  but for now, this is what I have!  I think this is my new favorite space.  What is your favorite space?  Any corner in your house made especially for you?


  1. yay for this!!! and i see your new sewing machine!! awesome, hope you are enjoying! :)

  2. OOOOOO I love how your tp art turned out!!!