Thursday, January 12, 2012

Upcycle Crafts

I wanted to post some pictures of the new items I made for my cube at work.  Since I finally have my own cube (first time ever since I started working back in 2007) I wanted to decorate it with some fun and functional items.  Both of these items started as frames from Goodwill.  They were about 2 bucks each.  I bought some fun spray paint colors at Lowes and gave the frames a face lift.  I took out all the glass and matting and all that good stuff so that I wouldn’t have to worry about taping anything.  The first frame I planned on using as a white board. 

Once the paint was dry on the frame, I covered the matting that was inside the frame with some pretty yellow fabric.  I used Mod Podge on this one…and I think I used a little too much because you can see the streaks.  Oh well, first attempt.  Then I put the glass and newly covered matting back in the frame and voila!  A pretty new whiteboard.

The second frame I wanted to use as a corkboard.  I had bought the little squares of cork at Office Depot for like $6.  I hot glued them on to the matting that came with the frame and then covered the whole thing with some awesome fabric.  I left the glass off (obviously) and put the new covered matting back in the frame.  What do you think??  I love the way it brightens up my little space.  It was a total upcycle and I love it!

Happy Crafting!!

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