Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Craft Night - Toliet Paper Wall Art

I know the title makes this craft project sound weird, but trust me, it looks a heck of a lot cooler than it sounds!  Linda came over last night for some crafting.  She brought fabric and worked on some fabric rosettes like the ones I posted about here.  I sat down with the masses of TP rolls that I had been collecting, and got to work on my DIY on a budget wall art.  The inspiration came from this on Pinterest:

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Pretty cool if you ask me.  TP rolls, and spray paint!  No joke!  So one by one I flattened a tp roll and cut it into strips
Flatten by just pressing down with the palm of your hand

Then you take groups of 4 at a time.  Here is the layout of how they will get glued together:

Then I used hot glue and glued all the sets of 4 together to make little flower looking things.

Finally, once you lay them all out next to each other, it starts to make a beautiful display

Very geometric looking.  The next step will be to glue all of the little flowers together, so that it makes one larger piece.  And then finally, spray paint.  I plan to use a nice teal color and then hang this on a blank wall in our bedroom.  I'm really excited to see how this looks when it's all completed.  I will be sure to take pictures! 

What do you think?  Pretty awesome way to recycle huh??

Happy Crafting! 

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  1. I have been wanting to make one of these forever. Yours is turning out so perfect, I just love it! Teal will rock it!


  2. Thanks Jen! I just posted an update with the finished project! I linked to it at the bottom of this post :-)