Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Cleaning

I know it's supposed to be Spring cleaning, but I wanted a fresh start to the new year.  Hence the Winter cleaning that began this weekend.  Yes, that’s right, I said began.  The cleaning process is definitely not done.  I never really thought we had that much stuff, until we started cleaning everything out.  Holy smokes we have/had so much STUFF!  The major cleaning started with the bonus area upstairs.  We have sort of a “loft” type area upstairs that we use as our office area.  We have our desk/desktop computer, bookshelf, 2nd tv, Wii, files, all that sort of stuff up there.  But lately (over the past month or so) that area has started accumulating all sorts of random things.  And it was really starting to bug both of us that it just looked like such a mess.  I admit that it was probably 90% my fault and my things (mostly craft supplies) that was creating the mess.  But my hubby is so wonderful and never said a word about it, just agreeing that it needed to be dealt with :) .  So this weekend was full of purging, and organizing and cleaning.  I finally got all of my Mary Kay products organized, and now I just need to label the bins and drawers.  And to give you a visual of how much stuff we actually had…my car now has 8 TRASH BAGS in the back for Goodwill, plus some other larger stuff for Goodwill that couldn’t fit in a trash bag!!!  My trunk (of an SUV) is now full of Goodwill items.  How in the world did that all fit in our house?!

Saturday morning I went for a nice long walk with Linda and the dogs.  I hadn’t seen her since before the holidays, and we had some catching up to do!  It was a really nice day out and felt good to get out and get some exercise.  Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning, and Saturday evening, my parents came over to finally do Christmas.  We got some great presents!  Thank you so much Mom and Dad!!  Also thank you to the Berger family and the King family! John also got to open some early Birthday presents.  I got him a new golf bag, and a new luggage set :)  My parents stayed for dinner, so we got to have some nice hangout time with them.
Luggage Set I got for Hubby

TaylorMade R11 Pure Lite Stand Bag
New Golf bag I got for Hubby :
Sunday was of course more cleaning (this is going to be an ongoing theme for a while), a trip to DSW for John to spend some gift cards (can you believe that I went to DSW and didn’t even try anything on?!  Maybe this living simply resolution is kicking in!) he ended up with two new pairs of dress shoes.  Then he went over so some friends of ours house to watch the Purdue basketball game.  Sunday night ended with a quiet night in with the puppies (one of which got a bath and a haircut this weekend), with some left over Fat’s (we went out for Hubby’s birthday on Friday night) and a movie.  We got Your Highness from Netflix.  It was……..interesting.  Not really my cup of tea.  We’ll just say that we were both glad we didn’t pay to see it in theaters.  Now, Mission Impossible 4 – which we saw in theaters on Friday night after dinner, was a great movie.  So much cool technology, and lots of intense chase scenes, which I personally like better than the shoot’em up type scenes.  We both recommend that one :)
I hope you all had a great weekend!  Anyone else starting the new year off with some house cleaning??

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