Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekend Catch-up - Finally

I know, I know,'s already Wednesday and I'm JUST now doing my weekend catch-up.  I'm a slacker...sorry!  So, this weekend was quite productive.  Although most of it I don't have pictures of because it was cleaning and rearranging type activities.  But, we did get a chance to go to Ikea and picked out a lovely little corner desk for me and all my crafts :-)  This is the one we picked:

VIKA AMON/VIKA CURRY Corner table, black-brown, silver color Length: 47 1/4 " Width: 47 1/4 " Height: 28 3/4 "  Length: 120 cm Width: 120 cm Height: 73 cm
Except mine has white legs instead of silver.  Pretty right?  It's simple and functional and fits juuuust barely into the corner next to our regular computer desk.

Then, on Monday since I had the day off for MLK Day, I decided to go get some lovely things to accessorize my lovely desk...naturally.  I went to Target and they have some really great designs right now.  Lots of greens and teal/turquoise.  So pretty.  Here are some of the items I brought home with me:

Pretty right?  You'll have to excuse the crappy quality pictures.  I took them in a huge rush this morning before heading in to work.  But I promise, in real life these are very pretty, vibrant pieces.  I'm really excited to get some nice crisp white shelves up so that I can organize and arrange them all.

On another note, while at Target, I also purchased some items for the rest of the house including the following:

I love the glass containers, it makes everything look so much classier and less cluttered.  I also ordered some glass jugs from Amazon to put our milk in.  The nerd organizer/milk lover in me is super excited about those.  I can't wait to borrow my friend's Cricut machine to make some awesome labels for these babies.  Anyone else have experience with a Cricut machine or something similar?  I'm trying to decide if/when I should get one, and if I'm willing to wait the 5 months to ask for it for my birthday.  (Can you sense the impatience??)

Hopefully next week I'll be posting with some finished Craft Corner pictures!  Check back soon :-)

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