Friday, January 27, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Hello lovely people!  TGIF!!!  I love Fridays.  And today is no exception.  I am looking forward to sleeping in, having a productive craft day on Saturday, hanging out with my hubby and my puppies, seeing my parents, and just some basic relaxation.  This weekend I plan to work on another casserole holder for my mom.  It was part of Christmas present....just now getting to it.  Whoops!  Sorry mom :)  I posted pictures of a previous one I made here (scroll down to see it), but this time I promise to take pictures along the way and post a little tutorial.  And side note: I'm super excited to try out my new sewing machine!  How terrible is it of me to have gotten such a wonderful gift, and still not used it yet!?  That will soon change my friends.

But enough about all that, it's time for High Five for Friday! I'm linking up to Lauren again over at From My Grey Desk.  Here are my 5 favorite things from the last week (in no particular order)

1) Getting to babysit this little cutie patootie over the weekend!  
Check out his Mom's blog here.

2) Getting (semi) random flowers from my parents!
This is me trying to be artsy 

3) Our new media cabinet for the loft upstairs

4) Accomplishing my goal of running 5 days out this week :-)

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Pinned here

5) Um...baked donuts?!?! YES Please!!!
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Pinned here

What are your top five from the week?

From My Grey Desk
Linking up with Lauren!

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  1. You babysitting was definitely in my top five too :)