Thursday, January 12, 2012

People's Choice Awards

Happy Thursday everyone!  After my run jog last night with the puppies, I came home, parked myself on the couch with my new favorite meal (lettuce, chicken, hard-boiled egg, avocado and ranch) and turned on the People’s Choice Awards.  I should probably preface this part of the post with saying that my new favorite TV show is How I Met Your Mother.  Seriously…this show is freaking hilarious!  John and I decided to start watching it from the beginning since it’s already in its 7th season and we figured trying to jump in now would just be confusing.  So we started putting all of the seasons in our Netflix queue.  We started a couple of months ago and we are finally caught up!  We had to watch the first episodes of the current season online since they weren’t on Netflix yet.  Now that I’m caught up, I’m really excited to watch them “live” but I’m going through withdrawals at the same time!  I got accustomed to being able to watch 4 episodes in a row!  Now I have to wait a week to watch 1!  I suppose I’ll find a way to manage.  But….I digress.  So I was watching the PCA’s and was really happy to see that Neil Patrick Harris won the award for best Male Actor in a comedy series, AND that How I Met Your Mother won for Best Network Comedy Series!  Yay! 

Seriously though, if you haven’t seen it…watch it, you’ll love it.  

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