Friday, January 20, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Friday is upon us once again.  My consciousness as to what day of the week it is was completely thrown off this week.  Monday was a holiday (MLK day) and so I knew in my head that this week should feel a lot shorter than normal.  So then when I went back to work on Tuesday, I felt that it should already be Wednesday, because the week is supposed to be much shorter...right?  So, yesterday felt like my Friday, and today feels like a Saturday.  Maybe that's a good thing though because then my weekend will feel extra long!  Have I confused you yet?  Probably, so let's move on to the High Five for Friday!

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1. The rain!  It finally came!  I may be one of the oddballs out there, but I love the rain.  It's so peaceful to me and makes me feel all cuddly.  And we have been seriously lacking some rain this winter.

2. Borrowing my friend's Cricut machine so that I can make some super sweet labels!
Cricut machine

3. Inspiring friends and other readers to start their own craft night through this blog.

4. Finally creating a space just for my crafts so that my crap crafting supplies are not spread all over the dinning room table.

5. which is an amazing website that has hundreds of different color pallets to help when redecorating
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Happy Friday!

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